My Art is only limited by my Imagination.

"The journey is as important as my destination"


As a child, magicians and magic acts fascinated me.


There was something about the illusions they created that captured my imagination. I want that same vivid sense of illusion to be central in my artwork.


Today, all of my artwork creates the illusion of three-dimensionality and movement. I achieve these effects by juxtaposing hard-edged color patterns that disrupt the normal process of vision. Some shapes of color may seem to advance and then recede and others appear to pulsae in waves. It is a passion of painstaking, semi-scientific approach to painting and mixed media constructions based on the manipulation of optical devices, and which depend on subtle color gradations, systematic chromatic harmonic lines and shapes.


I hope my work will stimulate and provoke a positive emotional reponse in the viewer's mind just like the magicians did when I was a child.


 Stanford Slutsky              



The mesmerizing exactitude of my earlier work bears no relation, either in theme or process, to my current artistic endeavors devoted to food. I am delighted with the path I am taking in this evolution. For me, it harkens back to 1957, when I was an ice cream man driving a Good Humor truck and selling different varieties of cold sweetness to children and families. My new sculptures embody the hope and optimism of that bygone and beloved decade.


Stanford Slutsky  







The deep richness of a chocolate covering is a welcome gateway to the soft filling inside. A chocolate éclair is an indulgence, a diet-breaker worth having after a hard day or a luxurious four-course meal in a fine restaurant. It is a dessert associated with the finer things in life, enjoyed in places like outdoor cafes in Paris.


"WATER MELLON"  13" H X 24" W X 5" D



No other fruit is more closely associated with summer than watermelon. Minus the bite of a hungry person, this slice represents the culminating crescendo of a warm weather picnic.

"FUDGE MARBLE CAKE"  12" H X 13" W X 13" D




Both popular flavor profiles – chocolate and vanilla – are incorporated into this yummy-looking portion of a thickly frosted layer cake. For many dessert aficionados, there is nothing that compares with the contrasting yet perfectly                                           married textures of cake and frosting.


   “DOWEL HEXAGON”   24" H X 24" W X 8" D


Akin to the unfolding patterns of a kaleidoscope, “Dowel Hexagon” suggests a feeling of height and spaciousness. Like a Mayan ruin photographed from above, the work is a masterful arrangement of line, color and shape inviting touch and inspiring wonderment.

      “LINEAR WEAVING I”   39" H X 49" W X 2" D



A sense of balance is achieved by the threading of green horizontal lines made up of wooden dowels between columns of red, purple and blue dowels. The design created by negative space above and below the columns adds to the dimensionality and perspective of the piece, as some columns appear closer and others farther away.

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