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They Call him Stan the Candy Man

Creating The Most Contemporary Unique Art Of Today



Boynton Beach, Florida,  Stanford Slutsky, (born 1941 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) is an American artist and sculptor, known for his unique giant-sized food themed realistic sculptures.


The self-taught artist said, he was inspired by a summer job, driving a Good Humor Ice Cream Truck in the summer of the mid-1950s.


Stanford Slutsky’s is a full time working artist and his evolution  has led him to a larger-than-life exploration of food, one of our most basic needs. Not just any food has captured his fancy. His art is original and one of a kind as he harnesses the innocence of youth in the form of various sweets. People of a certain age have fond nostalgic memories of  his ice cream dessert bars, realistic-looking frosted donuts, box’s of chocolates and other sweet things. Slutsky's hyperrealism pop art food sculptures are larger than life. By enlarging the size of these snacks and desserts, the artist similarly enhances the viewer’s craving for them and they are calorie free. If longing is a part of art, so be it.


“When I was a child,” Slutsky said in a statement, “there was something about the illusions magicians created that captured my imagination.” “I want that same vivid sense of illusions to be central in all my artwork,” he said. His current works of food are colorful, playful, mouth -watering and, as he joked, “calorie free.”


Slutsky has exhibited in numerous venues and participated in many national and international competitions including  the on line gallery in the UK, Coral Springs Museum of Art, Boca Raton Museum of Art 54th annual All Florida Juried Competition and Exhibition, (out of more than 1100 submissions by nearly 400 artists, he was one of less than 100 artists chosen to represent the best in Florida. Slutsky, was nominated to the Florida Arts Hall of Fame in 1993. His "Assorted Box of Candy" won an award at The Armory of West Palm Beach, Art in Public Places at the  Palm Beach International Airport, to mention a few.

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